Get Started

Looking for some guidance? Forum and email support is included in the licensing and maintenance pricing of all Nagios solutions for the first year。 After that, an active support and maintenance plan is necessary for continued support。

Annual pricing for Nagios IT Management solutions with support starts at just $995 USD.

Phone Support

Add a phone support package to your Maintenance & Support contract to ensure your team has access to priority support services when you need them most. Phone support packages expire at time of license expiration.

10 Call Pack | $2,995 USD
5 Call Pack | $1,995 USD

Support Forums

Need help? Check out our Support Forums.

We offer free pre-sales support on the forums。 Become a customer and gain access to the customer-only forum and a 1-business day guaranteed response time。

If you have purchased a Nagios solution and do not yet have access to the customer-only forum or email support services, submit a support access form.

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