Windows Monitoring With Nagios

Nagios for Windows Performance Monitoring: Capabilities

Use Nagios for Windows network monitoring and receive complete monitoring of Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems – including system metrics, service states, process states, performance counters, event logs, applications (IIS, Exchange, etc), services (Active Directory, DHCP, etc) and more.

Run reports on disk usage, receive alerts based on CPU trends, and track RAM utilization.


Log network interface statistics and be notified if certain adapters are handling unexpected bandwidth over certain periods of time.


Gain insight and run reports off of granular performance data from Windows based operating systems.


Be notified if a process is either running, not running, or running too many instances.


Monitor mission critical Windows services in real-time.


Nagios provides a powerful network monitor tool for all versions of Windows.


银河彩票投注Implementing effective Windows monitoring with Nagios offers the following benefits:

  • Increased server, services, and application availability
  • Fast detection of network outages and protocol failures
  • Fast detection of failed services, processes and batch jobs


These Nagios solutions provide Windows monitoring capabilities and benefits:

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Recommended Software: Nagios XI


Nagios XI is the most powerful and trusted infrastructure monitoring tool on the market. Millions of users and thousands of companies - ranging from Fortune 500s to small business owners - trust Nagios XI to get the job done.

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